Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarship

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Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, through its network, educates thousands of children across the country, striving diligently towards an educated Pakistan. The martyred Hakim Mohammed Said knew ‘A drop of ink from the pen of a scholar is more precious than the blood of martyr’. He built ‘Madinat al-Hikmah’ – a city of education, science and culture.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan started the programme of awarding Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarships in the year 2002- 03.

It was for a limited number of Matric – Pass, and Inter - Pass students of Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta Boards. Now, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan is providing Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarships to all 26 Government Boards - including matriculation and intermediate – of Pakistan. The Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a fresh batch of Matric - Pass Students and Inter - Pass Students every year on merit–cum-need basis. Matric - Pass Students are paid Rs 25,000/= per year and Inter – Pass Students are paid Rs. 50,000/= per year.

Educational Aid

Educational Aid to poor and needy students

In order to support poor and needy students for their education Hamdard Foundation Pakistan offers monthly stipend to the non-affording and helpless students through bank cards.

This scholarship helps student from grade 1 till post-graduation.

Students are paid Rs. 30,000/= per year.

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