Institutional Aid

Various institutes, organizations, societies, religious madrasahs receive monthly/annual grant from Hamdard Foundation Pakistan.

Financial Aid to deserving Individual

In order to support poor, elderly, widows, disabled, unemployed, and deserving individuals. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan provides monthly aid to them.

This Financial Aid helps Individuals to meet their basic necessary requirements. Individuals are paid Rs 30,000/= per year.

Ramzan Ration

Al-Humdulillah, Hamdard helps poor and needy people yearlong throughout Pakistan. Distribution of Hamdard Ramzan Ration has been started since the last year which is an exemplary and admirable act. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan took the responsibility to provide complete ration to 2000 – 3000 Families every year for the Holy month of Ramzan. The Ration Bag is sufficient for a month for a family consisting of 6 to 8 persons.

Each Ration Bag contains flour, rice, sugar, and pulses like mong, mansoor, kali mansoor, chana, basin, milk, ghee, chili powder, chat masala, salt, vermicelli, dates, tea, and Rooh Afza. The cost of Ration Bag is about 5000 rupees.

To get Ration Bags, Ration Coupons are carried to the abodes of poor and needy people who are residing in undeveloped areas through Hamdard Free Mobile Dispensaries.

Distribution of Blanket/Quilts

The winter has started and certainly poor person of slum areas will shiver. The white collar pensioner will not declare, he has no sufficient to cover. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan cannot be a spectator, as desired by its President, Sadia Rashid, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan prepared a scheme to donate and distribute the blankets to the poor and needy people of interior Sindh in order to provide them some relief from the severity of the cold weather.

Distribution Interior Sindh, Gharo, Mirpur Sakro and surrounding areas of National Highway Karachi.

Campaign against the Heat Wave

Since its inception Hamdard always kept itself in stand by position to help people in need. It runs for the rescue of calamity affected people. In Pakistan, extreme heat causes more deaths than any other weather-related hazards. In response to an extreme heat event, Karachiite are advised to take precautions like drink more water, avoid direct sunlight, and ensure that people remain cool and hydrated.

In the month of May, June and July when heat waves enter in Karachi, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan starts campaign against the heat wave. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan ice vans with ten thousand glasses of chilled Rooh Afza serve to the public in the different thickly populated areas of Karachi.

Hamdard workers with hanging dispensary units on their shoulders serve the thirsty people in narrow lanes with readymade chilled Rooh Afza.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

‘Service to humanity is one of the noblest attributes a man can acquire’