Hamdard Education

Hamdard Education

Hamdard University and Madinat al-Hikmah

Hamdard University

was founded by Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said in 1991.

Since its inception, Hamdard University has made considerable development in all major fields. Hamdard University presently runs 4 campuses: Main Campus, Dental Hospital Campus and City Campus in Karachi and a sub-campus at Islamabad, which are home to young scholars from local as well as international regions. The Main Campus of Hamdard University at Madinat alHikmah is spread over a well-planned green picturesque land of over 350 acres, located in the vicinity of Sindh–Baluchistan border.

Hamdard University is one of the first and the oldest private institutions of higher education in Pakistan. At present, the University encompasses 7 faculties which include the Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Technology, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Management Sciences, and Faculty of Pharmacy. Excellent hostel facility for off-station students and city wide Transport Network is provided to facilitate the students all the degree programmes offered by the University are approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Hamdard University has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professional faculty members on its roll.

Hamdard University is also running 4 major hospitals under its umbrella

Including Taj Medical Complex, Shifa-uI-Mulk Memorial Hospital, Hamdard University Dental Hospital and Naimat Begum Hamdard University Hospital. Also, a Primary Health Care Centre at Khuda Ki Basti to offer affordable healthcare services to the needy.

Hamdard University is honour-bound to provide value-based education to students of every caste, colour, creed and religion within its bounds to fulfill the vision of its Founder, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said. There are more than 25,000 alumni of Hamdard University employed in organizations in Pakistan and worldwide, and the institution looks forward to witnessing exceptional growth in their success stories.

Bait al-Hikmah

Bait al-Hikmah library reflects the memory of the first Bait al-Hikmah (the House of Wisdom) established in Baghdad by Khalifa Abu Jafar al Mansur during 135 A.H to 158 A.H. Bait alHikmah library symbolizes a cultural transfusion of the Muslim cultural affection and sanctity of learning and scholarship in the light of the teachings of the Qur’an.

Keeping in view the importance and essentiality of the library near the Hamdard University, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, a humanitarian, great patriot and owner and founder of the project of Madinat al-Hikmah, overseas the construction of the building of Bait al-Hikmah. Its building stretches over 127,000 sq. ft. was completed in 1989; it is the biggest library building in South East Asia.

At present it occupies 500,000 books in English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian etc. and 29,611 bound volumes of Journals, 3.65 million of newspaper clippings on 1320 subjects, 421 coins of different countries and several thousand postal stamps of more than 146 countries and over 16357 photographs at various activities. This library is serving not only Pakistani scholars and students, but it is also used as a resource centre by the whole world, by linking itself with important libraries of the globe through internet and e-mail.

1st Green University (500KW Solar Power Plant)

Hamdard University has also the right to be recognized as being the first Green University in Pakistan, which has taken the initiative of installing a 500-KW solar power plant in its campus. The aim of this solar power plant is contribute to minimizing the shortage of electricity in the country

Hamdard University has further initiated a Plantation Drive in different parts of the city, while joining hands with the ‘Clean and Green Pakistan Movement’ by Prime Minister of Pakistan and has banned the usage of plastic bags at campus.

Hamdard Village School

It was founded in 1997, with the aim of providing quality education and training to deserving children. This all stemmed from the idea of providing standard education to children in villages close to Madinat al-Hikmah. It has now evolved into an educational institution with children enrolled from various walks of life. Hamdard Village School is in true essence, a reflection of the aspirations of Madinat al-Hikmah by Shaheed-e-Pakistan, Hakim Mohammed Said.

There are currently over 700 students enrolled at Hamdard Village School from kindergarten to grade ten, where they are not only taught the standard curriculum but are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as sports, talent shows, arts & crafts. These students are provided with all they would need to focus on their studies and excel in their respective domains. From uniforms, school bags, shoes, books to even transportation to school, everything is provided free by Hamdard Foundation Pakistan.

Hamdard Public School

The primary aim is to impart quality education to children where they not only receive education at par with international standards but can also build character.

The students are motivated to shape themselves into personalities which would be an asset to our nation. From kindergarten to grade ten, the students are exposed not only to world class education but also introduced to ideals which help shape their personalities and give them a strong moral compass.

Vocational Training

In addition of providing quality education to students at Hamdard Village School, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said also wanted the students to have additional and technical training, so after graduation they may contribute back to society and become bread earners for their families. With this aim in mind, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan set up a centre in the school for the vocational training of its students.

Students in grade eight and above are encouraged to attend the vocational training classes which include electrical repair work, mobile repair for boys; stitching, arts and crafts for girls. As an encouragement, the excelling students are rewarded with sewing machines (for girls) and tool kits (for boys), gifted generously by various patrons.

Standard of Education

The curriculum followed by Hamdard Public School and Hamdard Village School is in accordance with the one prescribed by the Sindh Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh. In addition to the standard curriculum,

reference books and teaching aids are used to give a wider vision and understanding of the subjects. Key focus is to enhance the knowledge of the students by keeping them engaged and interested which, would ultimately result in shaping their personality and character.

Hamdard Public School
P.E.C.H.S Campus

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

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