Hamdard Naunehal

Naunehal - the brainchild of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said began in 1953 with an aim that not only enhance children’s language skills, but also contribute to their moral and spiritual development.

In 2020 October, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan revamped this most loved children’s magazine, introducing an English section, making Naunehal bilingual with content in English and Urdu alongside, to offer the best of both worlds, for children to hone their skills in both languages.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, aims to promote Naunehal as part of various Schools’ curriculum for students to continue their reading habits, arrange writing workshops/camps for children to hone their creative writing skills.


Hamdard-e- Sehat the oldest existing Urdu magazine on health education, originally started in 1931 from Delhi. Profusely illustrated, the magazine is useful not only for the general public but also for the physicians of both Eastern and Western medicine as it contains report on latest experiments, researches, developments, findings and inventions in the field of health and medicine, tips on diet and health care.

In the forthcoming days Hamdard-e-Sehat would be digitalized, vibrant and more varied. Many learned and experienced authors send their articles for Hamdard-e- Sehat which is a great contribution.

Quarterly Journal of Pakistan Historical Society (Historicus)

The Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society (Historicus), is a quarterly research journal of international repute, which is being published by the Pakistan Historical Society (est. 1950), since 1953 without a break. Patronized by the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, it is being indexed by the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences through ProQuest Information and Learning, U.K. & USA, and other organizations. It has also been recognized in the ‘Y’ category by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan.

Articles of research scholars, from all over the world, are published in its issues. It focuses research on History in general and especially on South Asian History besides Islamic History.

Hamdard Islamicus

The Hamdard Islamicus is a quarterly journal of the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan of international repute. It is regularly published without any break since 1978. An academic journal devoted to Islamic research and scholarship, it endeavors to promote better understanding between the Islamic World and the West.
Hamdard Islamicus is indexed in Scopus.
Hamdard Islamicus has the honor to be the only Journal on Islamic Studies which is in the “X” category assigned by Higher Education Commission Pakistan.


Shagufa, the magazine for the Health Conference, is published every year after the conference. It includes all the events and messages along with posters made by the students for the activities of Health Day.

Digitalization Project (Books / Magazines)

Hamdard Foundation has started the process of converting information into a digital format.

i) Digitalization of Books, Magazine and other printed material.
ii) Conversion of VHS cassettes into DVD’s.

In the first phase Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has successfully scanned all the publications of Hamdard and stored data on internet through a cloud storage. HFP successfully completed total of 3173 VHS cassettes into DVDs. In the second phase, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan will launch a Hamdard Publications Data Portal (HPDP) which will provide a tool for seeing online collection. HPDP will help users to download the e-book, or digital copy of book on cell phone or laptop. This project will provide effective and efficient service for the readers/users.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

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