The Friends of Burns Centre

The Burns Centre is the only 66-Bed burns care facility in the country. Friend of Burns Centre and Hamdard Foundation Pakistan have a common objective, the effective and efficient delivery of health and social services to the burns victims/patients. Since the establishment of the Burns Centre, it has been providing all medical and operational services 100% free of charge without any discrimination. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has signed a MOU with the Burns Centre to manage the entire expenses of the Paediatric ICU/Ward of the Centre.

Brookes Health & Education Foundation

AA purpose built school namely Brookes Education System (BES) and a dispensary namely Brookes Healthcare System (BHS) are providing education and healthcare facilities free of cost under the umbrella of BHEF to the needy people of North Karachi with excellence comparable to any health and education institution.
Hamdard Foundation Pakistan (HFP) signed a MOU with Brookes Health & Education Foundation (BHEF) in May 2021. Through this collaboration Hamdard Foundation Pakistan bears the entire expenses, every year which includes Staff Salaries, Operating Expenses, Students’ Course Books, Uniforms and other related expenses.

The Patients’ Behbud Society for AKUH

The Hamdard Foundation Pakistan makes a donation through PBS to support 1,000 needy Hepatitis-C patients, who will be treated at selected AKUH Outreach Health Network Centres in Pakistan. AKUH will assess the financial need of the beneficiary patients according to its prevailing guidelines and make disbursements for the purpose stated herein.

Ihsan Trust

Ihsan Trust, a subsidiary organization of Meezan Bank Ltd provides loans to students wishing to pursue higher education but cannot afford to do so. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan and Ihsan Trust, joined hands by entering a MOU in 2019. As per the agreement Hamdard Foundation Pakistan will donates Rs. 5 million every year to Ihsan Trust till December 2023. Ihsan Trust further loans this amount out as Qarz-e-Hasna (Interest Free Loan) to students for higher studies. These students are approved under their own normal process of scrutiny.

Koohi Goth Hospital

Koohi Goth Hospital provides free of cost medical services to underprivileged mothers and children in a remote area of Karachi. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan continues to support the cause of Koohi Goth.

Life Special Education School

Headquarters Engineers 5 Corps has voluntarily taken up the responsibility for providing quality education to special children. A state of art building of the School has been constructed and is managed by Headquarters Engineers 5 Corps. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has been contributing for this cause since 2019.

Karachi Vocational Training Centre

Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) is a PCP certified rehabilitation Centre which provides free of cost services to differently abled students. KVTC's aim is to enable these students to become competent individuals who can play an active role in the society irrespective of their disabilities. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan provides Annual Grant to KVTC to enable these students to contribute towards the society.