On-going Projects



Hamdard University

Islamabad Campus

‘The Kuri Road land (Purchased for Rs 143 million) was sold for Rs. 480 Million to Mr Habib Ahmed Qazi in 2019. Mr Habib initially paid Rs 50 million to HFP while other payments were also promised in the due course of time. However, some litigations arose against the said deal, which were actively taken care of, which made the deal complicated and forced HFP into renegotiating the terms of the deal. While renegotiating the terms of the deal with Mr Habib Ahmed Qazi, HFP is also actively looking for other buyers as the property itself has grown in value and now HFP believes that it can reap at about Rs 600 to Rs 700 million from sale of the property.

Civil works at the location of Sajid Ideal Model High School are on-going. The Front Building Block, which is approximately 90,000 sq.ft has been completed, as all Faculties along operational and departmental functions have now relocated to the new campus building. Designing and furnishing of the front building is underway.

The other or the second block of the building, which is 45,000 sq.ft is due to be completed within 6 to 9 months. Due to Covid-19, the construction process has slowed down a bit, but slowly and gradually. The grey structure of ground plus 5 is also due to be completed within the next 3 months.

Hamdard Hospital North Nazimabad

HFP, as part of its health sector initiatives, is building a 350 - bedded free General Hospital under the umbrella of Hamdard University on an Amenity Plot ST-2, North Nazimabad, Block-L, Karachi, which is a 1 acre plot initially purchased for Hamdard Dental Hospital. This will be a flagship Hamdard Project and like Indus Hospital will provide free healthcare facilities to the poor and needy patients of North Nazimabad and adjacent areas. In addition, architectural, structural drawings and proposed building plans have already been approved by the SBCA and all other government agencies. Accordingly, the construction is well under way. Grey Structure till the 5th Floor (Parking Floor) has been completed to date, while the whole project might still take a year to complete.