Floods and After

The Floods in Sindh were nothing less than a calamity for the people of Interior Sindh and Balochistan. The areas were heavily affected with severe casualties, injuries and multiple homes were lost to the gruesome weather. To support the affected families, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan took the initiative of organizing hundreds of medical camps in collaboration with the Pakistan Association of Eastern Medicine.

Due to the floods, families and young children were left homeless, starving amidst pools of stagnant water. To help and support the affected, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, reached out to thousands of families and individuals to facilitate with ration bags, blankets, mosquito nets, tents and medicines.

Heat Wave

For the last few years, Southern Pakistan has been severely affected by heat waves when the temperature has risen to over 50◦C. Countless people were admitted to hospitals and a high number of deaths were recorded. At this time of despair, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan fulfilling Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said’s dream to help humanity, served Rooh Afza drink on the streets of Karachi & Lahore among the general public. Rooh Afza helped them regain the energy that had been lost due to extreme heat.



Action taken against Covid-19 & flood

In Sindh Province Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has distributed 8,000 ration bags among the deserving families affected by the Pandemic namely Covid-19 lockdown across the country.

The Foundation has also provided protective medicines to on duty police and other law enforcement officials in Karachi. Daily-wage earners have also been severely affected by the lockdown, which has been enforced by the government to prevent the possible spread of the corona virus in the country. 

Recognizing their needs and the hardship which they face, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan distributed 8,000 ration bags among deserving families in a dignified way in different cities of the country, including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta.

These bags included essential food items along with medicine that helps prevent the spread of the corona virus. In addition, law enforcement officials who are at the frontline against the Covid-19 were given protective medicine packets, especially prepared by Hamdard.

These packets included hand sanitizers, Qulzum, Infuza and Instant Joshanda.

Flood Relief Camps

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has set up a number of relief camps to cope with the emergency situation caused by heavy monsoon rain in Sindh province. These camps were for consecutive 15 days nonstop, 06 camps per day, and provided much needed medical assistance to the affected communities with free medical check-ups and medicines. These camps were equipped with Unani as well as Allopathic medicines and qualified Physicians / Hakims were present at sites to diagnose the patients.

Blankets and Ration Distribution

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan distributed Blankets and Ration Bags to the poor and needy people of villages adjacent to the Hamdard University which was extended to other cities of Interior Sindh that included Mithi, Islamkot, Nawkot, Nagarparkar, Mirpurkhas and Qazi Ahmad.