Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said (1920-1998):

‘Service to humanity is one of the noblest attributes a man can acquire’. This was what motivated Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said’s father, Hakim Abdul Majeed to establish Hamdard in Delhi in 1906 and work hard for its success so that he could make it a ‘waqf’. He was not destined to do so in his lifetime but his wife Rabia Begum and sons Hakeem Abdul Hameed and Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said made Hamdard a ‘waqf’ in 1946. After partition, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said decided to come to Pakistan. He had very little money but he had valuable assets – his enthusiasm; his wish to undertake noble works and to endeavour to usher in the golden era of Islamic revival, especially in the field of Eastern Medicine.


Covid-19 Initiatives

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has distributed 8,000 ration bags among the deserving families affected by the Pandemic namely Covid-19 lockdown across the country.

The Foundation has also provided protective medicines to on duty police and other law enforcement officials in Karachi. Daily-wage earners have also been severely affected by the lockdown,