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    Bait al Hikmah
    Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

    (a) Staff of Bait al Hikmah :

    At present 36 persons are serving Bait al Hikmah, consisting of Director, Chief Librarian, and three professional librarians. The staff is professionally trained and librarians hold qualification in Library and Information Science.

    (b) Working hours :

    Except Saturdays and Sundays duration of office hours is from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm daily. Bait al-Hikmah remains closed on general holidays. Bait al-Hikmah Special Sunday Service  is being served 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (without any break).

    (c) Reading room :

    Recently a separate spacious room has been established as a reading room. It has comfortable sitting arrangement for readers, enviroment ,sufficient light and air. Important newspapers, current magazines and internet facilities are available here for the readers. It provides most congenial atmosphere for the serious readers and research workers for intensive and extensive studies. All types of reference sources are within easy reach of the readers. Active members of trained staff are always available for the assistance of the users and visiting scholars.

    (d) Auditorium :

    Bait al Hikmah has a beautiful modern auditorium consisting of 350 seats. It is fully air conditioned and is used for national, international conferences, workshops and seminars. Carpet seatings can also be arranged. Films and slides are exhibited through media projector and overhead projector. Its another specialty is the presence of simultaneous S.I.S. speech system.System mean that during the conferences speeches can be simultaneously translated into five languages viz Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian and Urdu and can be presented to participants. In addition to that a thirty (30) seated beautiful Board Room is in service for meeting of the members of the Board of Governors, Academic Council, Board of Advanced studies and the visitors/dignitaries and for briefing to the world renowned national and international personalities.

    (e) Computer Service :

    Computer is used in most of the jobs of the library for example requisition, cataloguing, circulation, reference, searchings etc. Bait al-Hikmah has the honour to print the Catalogue Cards through computer for the first time in Pakistan. The library has a system of OpenServer, with provision of 16 PCs. At present work is in progress on ten (14) PCs. Data about of ninety percent (90%) English books have been saved in it.

    A program has also been chalked out to save data of Urdu, Arabic and Persian books into computer under this program. Work is being done on ORACLE. A design of books has been prepared for Operating Catalogue Cards. Through this data authors, computerized titles in oriental languages, and subjects can be searched out promptly and their prints taken. In addition, complete records of magazines and journals received in Bait al-Hikmah has been incorporated into this computer database. Work for establishment of internet (net working) systems has been completed. Scanner has also been acquired to facilitate visual tasks. Bait al-Hikmah is thus a complete library in all respect where all kinds of facilities are available. There is sufficient provision for future expansion too.

    (f) Circulation of Books :

    Reading materials are issued to Resarchers, Scholars,Faculty Members, Students and General Readers and informations are regularly provided regarding books, magazines, news clipping etc. from the Bait al-Hikmah's circulation counter.

    (g) Photocopier :

    photocopy facility is available in the library on normal rates for the visitors.

    It is a unique example of love with library by an individual person Hakim Mohammed Said who paved the foundation of an exemplary library. It is a remarkable accomplishment of Hakim Sehib, which will provide a guideline to the library planners and promoters in Pakistan.